Natural & Organic

We have carefully selected all natural and organic shampoo, conditioners and colognes which are gentle on pets and eco-friendly too. They are formulated to cater for the specific needs of each pet, leaving the coat clean and shiny replenishing the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat.



We are proud to use WildWash as our maintenance grooming product line.             

Wildwash is a naturally derived pet shampoo and cosmetic range unlike any other. Quintessentially British, it is made in the beautiful English countryside overlooking the hills of Glastonbury. Wildwash products are kind to our pets, to ourselves and to the environment and there is no compromise with using a natural shampoo on your pet.

The ingredients used in Wildwash are chosen for their quality, traceability and transparency of manufacture. The 100% pure essential oils that form Wildwash fragrances, also play a huge part in the performance of the products.

 ISB PIC  We are proud to use Iv San Bernard as our SPA product line.             

Iv San Bernard is the leading European manufacturer of animal care products, from Italy. ‘Health is Beauty’ is the leading motif in the creation of Iv San Bernard’s product lines. Their products are designed for complete health and natural beauty, more than 80% bio-degradable and specifically intended for every need related to the treatment of skin and coat of our animal friends.