Ozone Hydro-Massage Treatment

Ozone Hydro-Massage Bath Therapy

This is beneficial to all dogs needing to soothe and relax tired muscles and joints, for those in need of a deep beauty treatment – rehydration and de-shedding, or to treat skin and coat conditions. Your pet will be embraced in the soothing warm water of the Ozone Hydro-Massage Spa bath infused with rich botanical calming aromas and thousands of Ozone enriched bubbles to massage the skin and oxidize all bacteria, mould and yeast spores, and viruses. The wellbeing effects of this treatment are countless – whole body hydro-massage, skin and coat healing, deep cleansing, deep hydration, deep de-shedding etc. /read more about the benefits here Ozone Hydro-Massage Spa bath/.

  • Small breeds from £30
  • Medium breeds from £35
  • Large breeds not applicable


What is Ozone Hydro-Massage Spa Therapy?

At Eden we have a special Hydro-Massage machine that has the ability to generate O3 /Ozone/ while the pet is getting a skin and hydro-massage therapy. Ozone is the most powerful and rapid acting oxidizer, it is a natural gas provided with strong antibacterial and anti mycosis properties.

Ozone Hydrotherapy is a holistic SPA treatment with healing properties due to the Ozone diluted in the water and the professional deep SPA products mixed in unique customized recipes. Our Ozone Hydro-massage Therapy lets your pet enjoy the latest in hydrotherapy offering the following benefits to your pet;

  • Whole Body Hydro-Massage – the rhythmic impact of the ozone enriched bubbles delivers a massaging effect to stimulate and activate body tissues. This in combination with special customized recipe of natural oils and vitamins relieve tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances.
  • Deep Cleansing, Deep Hydration and De-shedding – the powerful Ozone enriched bubbles clean the skin deeply which in combination with a special customized recipe of natural oils and vitamins bring intense nourishment, hydration, restoration to the natural lipid-layer of the skin. This allows skin tissues to breathe better and assist in de-shedding too.
  • Treatment of skin and hair conditions – with its strong anti-bacterial function Ozone is used to help treat a wide range of skin and hair conditions such as alopecia /hair loss/, yeast infections, moist and dry seborrhea, and skin allergies including atopic dermatitis, and parasitic dermatitis. It also helps relieve itching and soothes symptoms of hot spots and eczema. We customize our deep SPA treatment recipes according to the specific needs of the dog, in general it contains deep SPA products based on natural botanical oils in combination with balsams and vitamins.