Spa Treatments

These therapeutic canine spa treatments are made with all natural and organic ingredients. All spa treatments with the exception of Pet Pedicure and Ozone Hydro-massage have to be combined with a grooming package.

Tear stain treatment £10
This all natural tear stain treatment is popular for light and white colored dogs. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry facial cleanser effectively removes dirt and unsightly tear stains /will not sting eyes/, which in combination with our hypoallergenic eye cream work wonders on those imperfections.

Deep cleansing facial treatment £10
This is beneficial for all dog breeds, and especially for those with facial folds or deep wrinkles where accumulation of food, mucus, dry tears and debris can lead to skin infections. It is a refreshing and hydrating vanilla and blueberry scrub reinforced with natural oils and vitamins to cleanse, soothe and restore. The treatment includes a relaxing head massage.

Pet pedicure £10
This is a relaxing revitalizing paw treatment that heals and prevents paws from damages by gravel, asphalt, snow, salt-treated roads and hot pavements. The treatment includes vitamin enriched bath oils paw soak, nail trim, between pads and paw trim, and a gentle paw massage with all natural butter and vitamin E enriched paw balm /that offer antiseptic and moisturizing properties/.

Whitening deep conditioning bath £10
This is intended for dogs with white coats that need gentle removing of dulling build-up and helps in bringing out a bright shine for maximum impact. This treatment includes all natural whitening shampoo (no bleach, no perioxide, no ammonia nor alcohol) to intensify your pet’s coat colour. And, it is followed by a powerful deep conditioning cocktail of natural oils and oligo-elements that will leave hair incredibly revitalized. We would advise combining this with our Tear Stain Treatment or Facial Treatment for a complete whitening experience.