Why Choose us

slide 3The Eden Dog Grooming and Spa is a specially designed sanctuary where pets can be groomed, indulged and revitalized.

The Relaxation Rooms

The relaxation rooms are spacious and safe, offering a real sense of tranquility for those pets awaiting their treatment and after grooming. We are a crate/cage free parlour.

The Wet Room

The wet room is equipped with top rated stainless electric bath tub that can be lowered to the ground to allow easy access for larger dogs and senior dogs.

The Groom Area

The groom area benefits from top of line grooming equipment. Our electric grooming tables can be lowered and raised with ease, thereby ensuring stress-free and safe handling of your pets. We have invested in the top of the range finishing dryers and quite Ionic blasters to ensure noise reduction, quick drying without damaging the coat and reducing static. We do not use drying cabinets.

All Natural and Organic grooming

We have carefully selected all natural and organic shampoo, conditioners and colognes which are gentle on pets and eco-friendly too. They are formulated to cater for the specific needs of each pet, leaving the coat clean and shiny replenishing the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat.

The Spa

The Spa offers a selection of Spa treatments so that you can pamper your pets like you pamper yourself. A complete line of natural Spa products will restore beauty to the coat, exfoliate and hydrate the face, remove tear stains and sooth your pet’s paws leaving them feeling refreshed. We have created the ultimate Spa treatments in our Ozone Hydro-Massage Spa Bath for the benefit of companions. This is the very latest spa therapy that combines hydro-massage, ozone, and aromatherapy to relax mind, joints and muscles, and treat skin and coat /read more here/.

Retail – Gifts, Cosmetics and Dog Food

The ‘gift shop’ will please you with highest quality brand all natural and organic dog grooming cosmetics and professional grooming tools, as well as gifts and grain-free dog food.